Jackpot 6000

Posted by webmaster on 12th September 2014

Online gambling slots have become very popular as their procedures are usually simple and stress free.They are used for relaxation and re-energization by boosting ones energy levels in more complex games without increasing the person’s tension levels.

Jackpot 6000 is named after its maximum winning price of 6000 coins.Its features are in a 3 reel 5 pay line scale. In a regular spin game, a player can win two coins as the minimum amount. The player can double the minimum if he/she levels up to the Super meter mode.

Most of the casinos atmosphere are usually noisy but lively. Jackpot 6000 has numerous sound and tone effects which make the game more enticing and more realistic. It offers a gambling atmosphere. The most beautiful and most awaited song by each player is the winning jackpot song which plays after a jackpot has hit and the winning combination symbols have appeared on the pay line.

A player wins the jackpot prize when three joker symbols appear in the horizontal pay line of the jackpot 6000 slot. The other symbols found in the pay lines have their corresponding values. Some of the other symbols are stars, grapes, lemons, cherries e.t.c

Jackpot 6000 also has special features which help a player to increase his/her chances of winning by double or even triple through enhancing his/her strategies and efforts to win.

Some of the game principles it offers in order to enhance a gamblers game are:

Bet- You should place a bet according to the level you have chosen.The bet should range from 1 to 10.
Spin- You have an alternative to spin the reels or to level up to the super meter after a winning spin.
Maximum bet- Always bet on the maximum coin level and begin to spin.
Heads- Helps to aim for a double win
Tails- Helps to aim for a double win
Transfer- It helps to win 20 coins at a time. This is called a double part win.
Collect- Involves collecting all your payouts and starting another game.
A game feature is part of a strategy in jackpot 6000. It is triggered after a winning combination has been achieved. The gambler has a chance to double his/her win or even loosing everything if he/she decides to use the game feature. The gambler has a 50% chance of winning if he plays in this feature of the game. He/she is given a chance to choose between heads or tails and if he/she predicts the right outcome his winnings are double but if he predicts the wrong outcome he/she loses everything.

An other feature is the Super meter mode jackpot. The player can decide to choose it or ignore it. The super meter mode is played by a player who has won in the spin. The player is given an other chance to make a spin with the minimum bet of 20 coins. If he/she wins, the value is doubled.

In a random bonus, One joker is usually funny and two Jokers are usually lucky. Two
pictures of the joker awards the gambler the winning prize which ranges from 10 coins to 6000 coins.

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