Facts about Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is 3-reel and a 5-line slot machine that features jokers, tails and head and also super meter mode. A player who takes part in the Jackpot6000 has the chance of winning 6000 coins in every game. In each round of Jackpot6000, a player can bet up to five betlines and the minimum threshold one can make is one coin per a bet line. and the maximum bet is 10 coins for all the bet lines at two coins in every line. When a player is interested in playing the super meter mode, one needs to have played the maximum bet. The winning combination symbols are found at the left corner of the slot machine. The jackpot6000 machine has a maximum win of $600 and comes with scatter symbol and wild symbol. It has a lot of appeal particularly when a player considers the super meter jackpot and the 6,000 coin.

Jackpot_6000Jackpot6000 was inspired by the Norwegian slot machine referred as the jackpot2000. The genuine look of the slot machine and the soft feeling of spinning the reels, together with the jokers offers perfect gambling experience that provides the player with the opportunity to double their wins. The super meter mode where two jokers win the mystery amount is a perfect incentive int his game. The heads, the tails and the super meter mode are some of the features of Jackpot6000 that enables individuals to maximize their wins. The super meter mode increases the chances of a player winning big. The game does not have the scatter or the wild symbol but it has two bonus features namely the gamble feature and the super meter jackpot feature. The gamble feature is activated upon appearance of a winning combination.

Players taking part in Jackpot6000 have the likelihood of doubling their winnings and by betting on a section of winnings or on the heads or tails, a player has a 50/50 probability of doubling them. When an individual plays Jackpot6000, there is the option of continuing with playing tails or heads or collect their what they have won. When players play for the maximum bet in Jackpot6000 and win, they can enter into the super meter mode and if the stakes are higher in the super meter mode, the betting level is 20 coins automatically with the five bet lines active. Thew incentive in this level besides the pay table wins, super meter mode provides the player with 2 visible jokers on the wheels. A combination of 2 jokers returns a mystery win ranging from 10 coins to 6000 coins when a player takes part in Jackpot6000. The slot has six colored icons that includes lemons, cherries, bells, stars, grapes and jesters. These icons flash in the event of a winning combination and followed by loud sound bites.

A win on the jackpot6000 prompts several activities characterized by flashing lights and loud music and this presence another gambling opportunity or makes the player to transfer or collect their winnings. This gambling is progressive. More than two jester icons symbolizes the award of jackpot prize randomly that ranges from10 to 6,000 coins ans this the route towards winning the super meter jackpot.

How to Succeed in Jackpot 6000 Games

Playing Jackpot 6000 is as interesting as other casino games.The game is a great choice for new and experienced gamers who want to play for fun or for money.This game is a three reel, 5 line slots machine game which features jokes, tails or heads games. For every game round, the players have a chance to earn up to 6000 coins.However, familiarizing yourself with how the machines work would enhance your chance of registering success with the game.

In every round of a game which a player takes part in, there is an allowance of up to five bets. On the lower side, a bet that covers one bet on one coin line is allowed, and the highest number of coins which you can bet is five covering the entire five betting lines that are available.There are many modes which this game can be played on and to qualify for a play in the supermeter mode,it is mandatory that you wager max bet.The symbols of the winning combinations are displayed on the top left corner of the machine.

On the pay table for poker, winnings for up to 3 jokes on a bet line for the entire range of bet levels that are available.However, if the gamer bets with only one coin, the winnings is halved! Every time a player win, he or she has a chance to double the winnings.Those who bet on head or tails have a fifty percent chance to double the earnings which is attributed to them.Given that you register in when playing Jackpot 6000, you have the freedom to continue playing tails or heads and even choose to collect your winnings.

jackpot6000_zps2d2b3463Moreover, if you wager for a max bet in Jackpot 6000, you can opt to enter into the supermeter mode.While there, you will be enjoying better stakes because the bet levels is fixed at 20 coins with all the active 5 bet lines. Other rewards with the supermeter mode in addition to the increased pay table wins is the offer to register win on two jokers that are visible.This can take place regardless of the part of the reel.A combination of two jokers have the ability to offer a mystery pay of between ten and six thousand coins. Just like when playing any other poker game, its of great essence that a player get’s familiar with the system before playing for money.

There are many resources on the websites of the companies that offer the game which allow you to get familiar with the system before you graduate to competitive games which requires you to play with cash. This can be a huge confidence booster in the long run. Moreover, other strategies such as bankroll management should apply because if you are not able to do this with a lot of discipline, there will be less likelihood that you will be able to achieve great results.Luckily, there are many resources that are available for anyone with a burning desire to improve on his game.If you check in online gaming forums, you will discover a lot of useful Jackpot 6000 tips.

Jackpot 6000 – The Best Slot Game for Your Cell Phone!

Compared to other types of casino slot machines, Jackpot 6000 is easier to use and involves not only big prizes but countless hours of fun and thrills as well. The straightforward rules of Jackpot 6000 made it famous among millions of gambling enthusiasts worldwide. Your main objective in this slot machine is simple; hitting a combination that equates to a big prize.

There’s no surprise why majority of betting aficionados choose slot machines over games actually played with other players on a table. These games are simple and do not bring upon a lot of stress and pressure. Slot machines like Jackpot 6000 are considered by many as their outlet to eliminate stress and relax after a whole week of intense work.

You won’t be bored while playing slot machines regardless if you do it on a real casino or online. Jackpot 6000 to be specific has various sound effects. You’ll also be entertained by the game’s tone cues as it encourages a realistic atmosphere as you play. Of course the sound that everybody is dying to hear are loud cheers after a winning combination appears. Jackpot 6000 and other slot machine fats won’t get tired hearing Ka-ching! every time they play as it is considered the universal sound of jackpot.

This game’s name is derived from its 6000 coins maximum jackpot. It is among the many variants of slot machines that have a 3-reel 5-payline scale where you can win at least 2 coins in every round. That’s why people like to play Jackpot 6000. Nevertheless, this minimum win can be doubled if you manage to achieve the supermeter mode.

Stars, grapes, cherries, lemons, and bells have corresponding prizes which usually vary from one gambling venue after another. The ultimate goal is the have three jokers lined to win the ultimate jackpot.

Although Jackpot 6000 lacks several interesting features offered by new casino game like wild symbols and scatter, many ended up hooked to this slot machine after trying it out for the first time as it offers special features that allow players to exponentially improve their chances of winning. By applying the right strategy added with a little bit of effort and persistence, wining in Jackpot 6000 is almost assured.

There are seven main buttons that a player needs to manipulate in Jackpot 6000. First is the Bet which is used to place a bet which can vary from 1-10 coins depending on the level the player chooses. A spin button comes next which is used to start the game and let the reels spin. Max bet is another button for betting but is considered a shortcut if player wants to automatically place 10 coins as bet. Heads on the other hand is a button that allows players to double their winning by betting on heads. Tails has the same function as the heads button but only considers a combination of tails as its winning cue. Next one is transfer which is used to win 20 coins in every round but of course the risk of losing is a bit higher. Finally, the collect button lets players get their winning prize.

Jackpot 6000′s growing fame is not a huge surprise since every gambling fan loves classic slot machines due to their simplicity. This game also offers free slots, a unique feature that gives players a chance to spin without any bet. Jackpot 6000 is truly a must try not just for professional gamblers but casual gamers as well who simply want to have fun while having the chance to score big prizes.

Jackpot 6000

Online gambling slots have become very popular as their procedures are usually simple and stress free.They are used for relaxation and re-energization by boosting ones energy levels in more complex games without increasing the person’s tension levels.

Jackpot 6000 is named after its maximum winning price of 6000 coins.Its features are in a 3 reel 5 pay line scale. In a regular spin game, a player can win two coins as the minimum amount. The player can double the minimum if he/she levels up to the Super meter mode.

Most of the casinos atmosphere are usually noisy but lively. Jackpot 6000 has numerous sound and tone effects which make the game more enticing and more realistic. It offers a gambling atmosphere. The most beautiful and most awaited song by each player is the winning jackpot song which plays after a jackpot has hit and the winning combination symbols have appeared on the pay line.

A player wins the jackpot prize when three joker symbols appear in the horizontal pay line of the jackpot 6000 slot. The other symbols found in the pay lines have their corresponding values. Some of the other symbols are stars, grapes, lemons, cherries e.t.c

Jackpot 6000 also has special features which help a player to increase his/her chances of winning by double or even triple through enhancing his/her strategies and efforts to win.

Some of the game principles it offers in order to enhance a gamblers game are:

Bet- You should place a bet according to the level you have chosen.The bet should range from 1 to 10.
Spin- You have an alternative to spin the reels or to level up to the super meter after a winning spin.
Maximum bet- Always bet on the maximum coin level and begin to spin.
Heads- Helps to aim for a double win
Tails- Helps to aim for a double win
Transfer- It helps to win 20 coins at a time. This is called a double part win.
Collect- Involves collecting all your payouts and starting another game.
A game feature is part of a strategy in jackpot 6000. It is triggered after a winning combination has been achieved. The gambler has a chance to double his/her win or even loosing everything if he/she decides to use the game feature. The gambler has a 50% chance of winning if he plays in this feature of the game. He/she is given a chance to choose between heads or tails and if he/she predicts the right outcome his winnings are double but if he predicts the wrong outcome he/she loses everything.

An other feature is the Super meter mode jackpot. The player can decide to choose it or ignore it. The super meter mode is played by a player who has won in the spin. The player is given an other chance to make a spin with the minimum bet of 20 coins. If he/she wins, the value is doubled.

In a random bonus, One joker is usually funny and two Jokers are usually lucky. Two
pictures of the joker awards the gambler the winning prize which ranges from 10 coins to 6000 coins.

Jackpot 6000: simple play easy win game

The simplicity when it comes to playing jackpot 6000 makes a popular game relative to other online games. It is commonly said that its strength lies in the simplicity. With jackpot 6000 the players’ ability to concentrate in the game is heightened thereby raising their chances of winning the prizes.
Slots machines whether online or land-based, have gained popularity and to many players, they are classics. The procedures that underlie these games are stress-free and easy to follow even for beginners. It is one of those games that can easily be a perfect fit for relaxation and re-energizing. The tension that most players feel especially in complex games is characteristically missing in jackpot 6000.

The boisterous and noisy kinds of environments that are symbolic of most casino atmospheres have created a false notion that most casinos are noisy and rough. Jackpot 6000 however has a different story altogether. The environment in which this game is played is toned down by music, tone cues and sound effects that are offer relaxation to the players. One of the sound that jackpot 6000 is associated with is the cheery shrill. It is played when a winning combination finally appears. The shrill is synonymous with the sound of cash coming your way in the ka-ching fashion.

The maximum jackpot that one can ever win in this game is 6000 coins and in fact that is why the name jackpot 6000 originated from. This is a 3-reel-5 payline scale slot game. In a regular game, the minimum a player can win is 2 coins for every spin and upon leveling up to the Supermeter mode, the minimum doubles to 4 coins for every win. For the player to win the ultimate prize, three Joker symbols must appear. The symbols must be in an active horizontal payline. The joker symbols are not the only valued symbols in jackpot 6000 other are; lemons, cherries, bells, stars and grapes. All these have values and are important as well in the game.

Jackpot 6000 has features that enable players through strategy, effort and good luck to multiply their chances of winning. This should be seen as a deviation from the frills that characterize wild symbols and scatter.

The seven buttons of jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 has seven principal buttons which enhance the game. These buttons are for the players to choose.

Collect – this button allows the player to get winning payouts and get back to playing another time
Heads – this is for aiming on double wins
Spin – the spin button is for spinning the reels or leveling up to Supermeter. The level up is however given as an option after you win a spin
Max bet – when a player selects this button, he bets on the maximum 10 coins and then starts spinning.
Transfer – this is one of the seven principal buttons on jackpot 6000. This button can help a player win 20 coins by doubling part of winnings.
Bet – this button gives the player the option of placing bets from 1 to 10 coins.
Tails – for the players who bet on tails, their goal is double winnings.
Jackpots 6000 therefore in a simple play easy win game loved by casino gamers world-wide.

Understanding the Jackpot 6000 Slot Game

Jackpot6000 has three reels for spinning and ten betting lines with the maximum bet being 10 coins and jackpot being 6000 coins. This is a new and exciting slot machine available in the market and any person with interest in online slot machine can enjoy betting on jackpot6000. It has 5-payline slots and it has became a cult game with a lot of mass appeal in the world of online slot in casinos mainly because of its simple layout and the big money prizes particularly the super meter jackpot and the 6,000 coin.

The jackpot6000 slot machine feature jokers and the head or the tail can double up as the super meter mode. Any person playing Jackpot6000 has the chance of winning 6,000 coins per game round. In an individual round of the game or reel spin, one can bet up to five bet lines with the minimum bet of one coin per bet line while the maximum bet is ten coins that covers the five lines of bet at two coins on one line. For a player wanting to qualify and play the super meter mode, playing the maximum bet is the only option. In the left side of the machine, a player can find the winning combination symbols. The joker pay table indicates the winnings for three jokers on the bet line for various levels of bets. The pay table winnings are often halved if a player bets with one coin. Every time an individual wins, the money on the tails or heads game are doubled. Players have the option of playing tails or heads or they can collect their winnings and when they play the super meter mode, their chances of winnings are increased.

Jackpot6000 is one of the popular slot machines in online casinos today, this is due to its huge progressive jackpot , simplicity, and higher probability of winning. It has all the qualities that every casino player is looking for i.e higher winning chances, great graphic designs and a progressive jackpot. The maximum jackpot win for jackpot6000 is $600. The slot machine has wild symbol, scatter symbol, arcade mode,and a bonus game. The symbol set has the following combination of colors:lemons, grapes, bells, stars, cherries and jokers. The six colored reels are bright icons and flashes whenever a winning combination is made by producing exciting sound bites and loud sound effects.

When players win while playing Jackpot6000, they increase the probability of doubling their winnings. A player that bets on the tail or the head with all their winnings has 50/50 likelihood of doubling them. When players plays for maximum bet in the Jackpot6000 and wins, they get the option of entering into the super meter mode. In this mode the stakes are higher with the bet level being 20 coins and the all the five betlines are active. The super meter mode offers the player a likelihood of winning 2-visible jokers anywhere in the reels. The combination of two jokers returns a win ranging from 10 to 6,000 coins when one plays the Jackpot6000.